Prices for bee honey vary greatly. It depends on the quality of the bee honey. Raw, untreated and unfiltered bee honey with a low water and high fructose content is much more expensive than mixed bee honey, which is usually also industrially processed. United States honey prices increased 21 percent during 2021 and the trend continues.

However, this does not mean that expensive bee honey offered in the supermarket is also high quality. On the contrary, product tests have shown that many well-known honey products are often of very low quality. Eyes on if the label says „USDA Organic certified“. USDA does not certify honey organic. If you see that you should be very skeptical about this product and maybe better go to a local beekeeper and buy the honey there, even if it is more expensive.

The price of bee honey also depends on the packaging. Basically, we do not recommend buying honey in plastic packaging. Plastic contains chemical softeners, these can dilute into the honey. Our recommendation is to buy honey in glass containers.

Even bee honey from beekeepers can have price differences, this is also due to the quality, so the type of Verabreitung of honey, it is also due to what quantities the beekeeper produces, the rule of thumb says, the more honey is produced the more the honey quality suffers, whether the prices are adjusted accordingly, that is questionable.

Follow the advice below and ask specifically your beekeeper:-

  • Is the honey filtered?
  • Is the honey pasteurized?
  • Is the honey processed?

If the answer is no, you can buy with confidence.

The smaller the apiary, the better the honey quality, that is a rule of thumb!

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