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Your Donation Helps to save Bees!

Local bee farms recommend us if people need bees to be removed from their property. We save the bees from being extinct by poisons that are used to kill them.

We remove the colonies professional, sustainably and resettle the colonies to safe habitats. In order for us to be able to do this, we have to set up beehives, using exclusively Flow Bee Hives, in which the bees are resettled. Each apiary costs approximately 300USD.

We do not receive any public support for our work, our clients will never ever receive an invoice from us which is why we are dependent on donations.

Are you wondering why we do not charge for bee removal? Well, most people simply have no money to pay for the removal of the bees, which is why they are forced to take the easiest option, killing the bees with poisons. Killing bees means we all are losing!

We bear the costs for the care of the bees as well as for the harvest of the honey. We donate the honey, unfortunately, we are not allowed to market the honey commercially, because we need permits for this, which in turn require a commercial operation of the beekeeping, at the expense of the bees, would presuppose. Please help us and with it the bees and, in the long run, humanity, your families, because the bees are primarily responsible for the pollination of the plants that are required for the nutrition of humanity, the food we all eat!

Please, help us with a donation, 1$, 100$, whatever, we appreciate any support!

Donate here: Your Donation Helps to save Bees!

Thank you & Bee happy!

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