Who whe are

San Diego Invest, LLC is a forward-thinking company based in California, with a longstanding commitment to the study and preservation of honey bees. With decades of scientific research focused on understanding the life, behavior, communication, and conservation opportunities of these vital pollinators, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.

our mission

Our mission extends beyond research; we actively invest in small and medium-sized enterprises around the globe that share our passion for beekeeping and honey bee protection. Our investments help nurture businesses involved in the culture of beekeeping, driving innovations and ensuring the sustainability of honey bee populations worldwide.

A shining example of our investment strategy is the acquisition of Global Reliance Group, Inc., known for their dedication to honey bee conservation under the brand Beeswild.com. Renowned for their excellent reputation and highly professional staff, this company has been instrumental in the effort to save honey bees. Recognizing their success and expertise, we saw a valuable opportunity to enhance our efforts.

As a result, we have acquired Global Reliance Group, Inc. to bolster their financial and logistical capabilities. This acquisition marks a pivotal step in expanding our operations and solidifying our commitment to honey bee preservation. We are proud to announce that Global Reliance Group, Inc. is now Florida Bee Group, LLC, continuing its legacy with renewed vigor and support from San Diego Invest, LLC.

San Diego Invest, LLC is more than an investor; we are a partner in the global movement to protect and sustain honey bee populations, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.