Learning & Experiencing

We’re excited to offer you a variety of beekeeping classes and training

  • An Introduction to Beekeeping – for those curious about beekeeping
  • Urban Beekeeping Apprenticeship – for aspiring beekeepers
  • Intermediate Urban Beekeeping Training – for beekeepers looking to refine their skills.
  • Swarms & Splits – for novice and advanced beekeepers

We’re excited to offer the Urban Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program. Our program is a yearlong certification course that provides burgeoning beekeepers like you with the tools, information, and training to become an ethically-minded, well-informed beekeeper.

Training is critical for a beekeeper as your hive affects – and is affected by – the health of nearby hives as well as many native bees, particularly bumblebees.

Under the tutelage of members of a local Beekeeper Association and your teacher, you’ll learn everything from how to light and maintain a beehive smoker, how to spot and treat health issues, to how to extract honey. In addition to discussing the scenarios you would encounter throughout your beekeeping journey in a classroom setting, you’ll receive hands-on training under the purview of a trained professional that can guide you along the way. Our Apprenticeship Program equips you to keep honeybees as a hobbyist, a professional farmer or a researcher.

What you can learn

You’ll learn fundamentals of bee biology and behavior and the skill of beekeeping. The Beekeeping Apprenticeship will cover:

  • Honey Bee Biology And Life Cycle
  • Hive Installation And Placement
  • Beekeeping Apparel & Equipment
  • Honeybee Nutrition
  • Feeding Colonies
  • Equipment Building
  • Package Installation/Hive Inspections/Record Keeping
  • Reproduction, Swarms, Splits & Requeening
  • Interacting With Neighbors & Community
  • Native Bees
  • Diseases, Pests & Treatments
  • Varroa Integrated Pest Management
  • Fall Feeding & Fall Preparations
  • Honey Extraction & Tasting
  • Final Winter Preparations
  • Graduation Ceremony


  • Please note that our meeting dates are subject to change due to inclement weather. If we are not able to meet on a Sunday due to rain or other weather, we will typically move our lesson to the Saturday before a given session.
  • Waivers are required for all hands-on activities
  • You’ll receive honey at the end of the program

Beekeeping is both an art and a science and all beekeepers need to continue refining their craft and honing their skills. The Intermediate Urban Beekeeping class is open to anyone who has already completed an apprenticeship program or who has been keeping honey bees and would like to improve their skills.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn in this intermediate beekeeping class:

  • When, why, and how to feed bees
  • How to increase colony numbers
  • How to split colonies and how to manage colonies for swarm control
  • When and how to perform Varroa mite count
  • The best strategies for mite control
  • How to diagnose and treat nosema disease
  • Good Neighbor best management practices

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to think like a beekeeper!

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