Joanne Lipton

Excellence at its best! We had a huge beehive in a tree of our house.

I called Beeswild on a Sunday morning and they were working, they helped me that same day at no cost. Beeswild came to do the job and they saved the bees.

A few days later I got some pictures of the beehive! Happy bees!

Very nice people, professional and you could feel the do it with passion. The did not ask for payment and I donated them $200! A+++!

Patricia James
Store Manager at Great Markets

Hi Beeswild!

You would get 10 stars if it was an option! I was beyond impressed with their quick response, knowledge, dedication, and honesty. Not wanting me to spend my hard-earned money if it wasn’t necessary.  You must’ve heard the fear in my voice and came here the same day.

My special thank you, a 150 dollar donation for new apiaries!🙂

Thank you for saving me!

Mary Rashruff

I called them on Saturday and they were at my home within an hour. Our jab required two technicians, he called for backup. Within 2-3 hours of my initial phone call, I had for sections of my roof opened and all the bee hives were removed. And this was without paying a penny yet! They do it for free! I cannot express how happy I am with Beeswild! Very professional and dedicated saving bees!

I donated 50 dollars and again thank you!

Lara Rashford

Fast, efficient, professional, highly dedicated, I called Beeswild because of a recommendation and the great reviews. When I called, I was told all about how they remove bees and why it is necessary to remove the beehive too and alive!

I made an appointment for the next day. Beeswild called me and they arrived 45 minutes later. They accessed the situation as we talked about how wonderful bees are….except when they make their home right next to my front door! So, unfortunately, since they would have to break into my wall, the hive would get contaminated with concrete and the bees would die. They reluctantly explained that the best method to shift them naturally by installing a special box near to them. It took 12 days and they all moved into that box.

They are really nice as they talked about their love for nature and how I could make a beeswax candle. They cleaned up and flew off!

My cost? Nothing, I made a donation and they were happy!

Anastasia Stone
Food % Beverage Science

Professional, great service, showed up when they said they would, and advised us how to behave with bees. This morning was my first, and hopefully last, experience with a swarm of bees literally moving in to just outside our front door. Beeswild was just what we needed and squeezed us in on a Good Friday. I recommend them without hesitation.

Rita Harper

It could not have been better. Beeswild arrived on time & explained what they would do & asked if we wanted them to proceed. They then proceeded to find, remove & treat the area where the bees had built their hive.

Following the removal, they met with us to explain exactly what had been done, & what would happen over the next several days. They were outstanding. It is no wonder that Beeswild is so highly recommended and rated. Reinold, we thank you for being the source for us of Beeswild, your recommendation.  Offers we received ranged from $550 to $1,100, Beeswild did it for $0.

They even did not ask for payment. I donated $300 for the great cause of saving bees.

Luke James
Company Owner

To bee or not to bee? That was the question. You see, a buzzing phalanx of industrious, sting-ey little bees moved into a nook in the roof of my house. My pregnant wife, in full-on nesting mode, was alarmed. The bees had to go.

I consulted the Oracle of Google where I was directed to contact Beeswild Bee Savers. I made the call and spoke with none other than the Beeswild. Local and dedicated to saving the life of bees. Cool.

It’s strange to say, but the morning I spent with them, the German bee people, was fascinating, educational, and hugely entertaining. They kept me informed about every phase of the project, pausing often to educate me about bee behavior and some of the science behind the hive that we were decimating.

I even got to don a nifty bee-keeper hat (smelled like honey) and hang out near the work.

When the big slabs of honeycomb, dripping with fresh local honey started coming out of my house, I was a wide-eyed kid seeing a new wonder of the world for the first time. The precise geometry of the combs, the wonderfulness of the delicate honey, and the coordination of the hive were astonishing to see up close. It was a darn shame to remove such beauty, and I could tell that the Beeswild people feel the same way, but they are not destroying, the resettle and create them a safe habitat! That’s just amazing!

The service from Beeswild was fantastic. The usual stuff you hope for from a service provider was all there. Smooth scheduling, straightforward communication, honesty,  and top-notch work performed by true professionals.The best of all: it was free of charge!

Bottom line, Beeswild did a great job. They took care of the hive beautifully with minimal damage to my house.  They were a joy to work with, and I walked away from the experience excited and more educated about honey bees. Highly recommended.

Ah, have to mention, I donated them $350 for new apiaries, the least I could do to be grateful!

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