How do you know if honey is good quality?

For centuries and without any help from mankind, bees have created nature’s most consistently delicious and versatile sweetener. Natural honey is flavorful, and in its purest form, it makes our lives better in so many ways.

Somewhere along the way, some honey companies took shortcuts that shortchange our families. With so many types of honey on the market shelf, it’s not always easy to know which are pure, simple honey from those with fillers, corn syrup and even pesticides. Naturally, we want the purest honey for the people we love.

The original source of honey can tell so much of the story. Pollen is traceable to the precise plant and region from which a bee took its nectar. So, before putting honey on your table, know the honey source.

Our beekeepers must uphold our high standards: we are minded beekeepers who care about bees and the community, and uphold the commitment to the quality of our honey. Upholding this commitment is our promise. We can ensure that every honey jar we put an Beeswild’s label on a jar that only has South-West Florida honey in it.

We respect, we trust and we verify. Beeswild’s only bottles pure honey so customers can rest assured. We are the beekeeper and always know the source of our honey. Do you?

Our honey is always raw, pure, unfiltered, not pasteurized and unprocessed! This ensures the full nutritive content of the power of bees in our honey.

While many care about the honey they produce, some have found ways to cut corners to increase revenue.

We have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we comply with guidelines set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our standards go higher: Beeswild’s honey never includes adulteration of any kind and must have high fructose value, low moisture content and proper acidity.

Finally, crystallized honey means your honey is delicious, good to eat, and has the good stuff: pollen that remains because the honey is not filtered neither processed.
Crystallization is a natural process where liquid honey turns semi-solid, with an almost “granular” look. It is telltale sign you’re buying real honey.

So, we uphold our commitment to educating communities about the benefits of real, pure honey. No fake stuff allowed! So, seek real honey – true to Nature’s intent.

You’ll be happy you did.

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